KaijuMonsteR Gallery, founded in 2016 by Martijn de Zwart, is one of the leading high-end art toy and sculpture galleries in Europe with a focus on Japanese produced Sofubi works.

The gallery’s program includes important established artists such as Marmit, Target Earth, Dreamrocket, SkullHeadButt, Siccaluna, Amapro, Blobpus and Karzworks as well as such emerging notable talents as Algangu, KKfactory, Roughneck:7, Awesome Toy and SX-Toy.

KaijuMonsteR gallery continues to develop long-term relationships with artists, manufacturers, private collectors and corporations around the world, placing high end art toys in on display at many international events such as New York Comic Con, ToyConUK London, Dutch Comic Con Utrecht, Amsterdam Comic Con and Art Toy Culture Seoul.

We welcome the opportunity to work with both new and established collectors to help build their high-end art toy collections. In addition to our diverse gallery inventory we are able to consult with clients, guiding them in the sourcing, acquisition and de-accessioning process ranging from Eastern to Western high-end art toys and sculptures.

For more information about KaijuMonsteR gallery or to inquire about particular artworks please contact us at info@kaijumonster.com and we will be pleased to assist you.

Jarinko New Double-Headed Kaiju 鬼羅 ONIRA, Sculpted by Kaijuken

Jarinko New Double-Headed Kaiju 鬼羅 ONIRA

Via Kaijuken Facebook:
""ONIRA" did I win a prototype is.
This will be available from the manufacturer of 'jarinko'.
Not involved in any Kaijuken.
I was requested from the "jarinko" production model, was produced.
Wrong information is released from the kaiju...
ken in part.
No release from Kaijuken.
Also, no overseas release.
Is very few little toy shop in Japan to launch it is produced for.

From this I will release the work from a variety of manufacturers.
Try not to confuse whether erroneous information!
Everyone loved my work, and I'm really glad!
Meer weergeven"