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The gallery’s program includes important established artists such as Marmit, Target Earth, Dreamrocket, SkullHeadButt, Siccaluna, Amapro, Blobpus and Karzworks as well as such emerging notable talents as Algangu, KKfactory, Roughneck:7, Awesome Toy and SX-Toy.

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We welcome the opportunity to work with both new and established collectors to help build their high-end art toy collections. In addition to our diverse gallery inventory we are able to consult with clients, guiding them in the sourcing, acquisition and de-accessioning process ranging from Eastern to Western high-end art toys and sculptures.

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Stan Grograou - Diary of inhuman Species - Kondo

In case anybody was wondering if there are any European artists that are making there very own Kaiju's. Let me tell you this, YES there are!

Who does it best!? Paris based artist Stan Grograou! You can follow him via his blog Diary of Inhuman Species.

His name is Stan Manoukian, a French artist based in Paris – France.
He draws comic books, illustrations and various designs for movies and commercials.

If you want to be updated about his Art, you can follow him on:

facebook : Stan Grograou
Twitter : Grograou
Instagram : Grograou

For any enquiries about a commission or a show, feel free to contact him at: grograou@gmail.com

Stan Grograou  - Kondo

Stan, would you mind telling us a little bit about yourself?
"For as long as I can remember I draw and love monsters in every kind of way. Seven years ago I decided to start a blog and draw a monster a day, to meet an audience of people who love monsters just like me! Seven years later I make more ambitious projects, paintings, illustrations, prints and even trying to make toys !! I'm collecting myself toys, kaiju, designers toys and everything related to monsters !"

Kondo, how and where did this kaiju start?

"Ankama a french publisher already produced a book in France "Diary of the Inhuman Species" about my "monster's work" during the first year, and we decided to make my first kaiju toy, produced by Ankama Japan and manufactured by Obitsu company. I worked with a great sculptor artist named Kondo.. And decided to gave his name to my first Kaiju!!

I've tried to incorporate all manufacturing constraints first when I designed it and the transposition about my design was totally awesome. Kondo did an absolute kick ass kaiju. We released first the glow in the dark version and all the 20ex were sold in few days! "

Kondo made its first apperance over 2 years ago. Now, 2 years later, its second. What happened?

"Few month after we produced the first color version limited to 50ex (the red one !). But after one week Ankama Japan decided to stop to manufacturing toys and other business!  Bad luck!!"

"But I couldn't let this awesome Kaiju monster sleeping in a box in a basement. And like all Japan Monsters sometimes they come back to life to destruct everything around. Kondo is back now, beware. I've got back my rights and I can sell the production by myself and make more color versions if people love him. And it's look like they do. I have only 20ex left for this color run and plan to do an another colorway !"

Have you decided what color vinyl you will use for you next run of Kondo's?

"We've tested clear black and it's pretty awesome too... But I'm not decided to what will be the next color version !!"


Technical information about Kondo 
The Figure stands 7.8" tall, have 5 points of articulation and sold in plastic bag with a header card screen-printed on recycled paper ! 

The red version is limited to 50 pieces and only a few are left in his webshop below! 

Here's the link to Stan's website :
And his shop: