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Interview + Studio visit: Todd Robertson aka Mechavirus, Toy customizer and creator of Ammonaito

Kaijumonster's first Studio visit is a fact! My second (NYCC rehab) week in the US took place in Boston where I and GUUMON met up with Todd Robertson aka Mechavirus.  

After a great dinner in one of Todd's favorite places we went to his new place where he showed us his home and multi functional toy room!

After showing us his many toys we sat down and I asked him a few questions.


Todd Robertson (mechavirus) on Twitter

Todd Robertson | Facebook

Todd, would you mind telling us a little bit about yourself? 

Todd: Hello! My name is Todd Robertson aka Mechavirus. I am 33 years old and currently reside in Boston. I have been making and customizing toys since 2008. 

Could you talk about an average day in your life? 

Todd: I get up everyday at around 5:30 AM, I work at local cafe for about 4 hrs in the morning. After that I'm usually in my studio by 11:30 AM and work there untill about 8:00 or 9:00 PM. Throughout my day I work on customs, painting and sculpting. 

When designing and sculpting toys, where do you draw your inspiration from? 

Todd: My biggest inspiration is everyday life. 

Do you do all your own sculpts? 

Todd: I do all my own sculpts and also many collaborations with other makers.

What does your studio look like? 

Todd: I have a very simple setup in my apartment. It has a large desk area for building customs and sculpting, a paint booth in one area for handling spraying. There is another small area for assembling and fine painting. 

Do you have any formal arts training? 

Todd: I dont have any formal art training, completely self taught, much trial and error. 

When people hear "Mechavirus", what do you want them to think? 

Todd: I would like people to associate "Mechavirus" with finely built hybrid monster/robotic customs. 

I know you have some special projects currently in the works. Is there any possibility you can share anything with us today? Hints? Anything?! 

Todd: I have numerous upcoming shows and projects. I will be working with Bob Conge on a limited run of Molezillas, doing a few one off customs with BlobPus, a run of resin customs with ButcherBrand, a couple small runs of customs with Rampage Toys, a run of mecha waniphants with Hints and Spices, and a custom painted Daigomi run with Guumon

Custom GUUMON Daigomi

I'm very excited and honored to be doing a show with Mark Nagata in Tokyo in Febuary. The show will be called "WATASHI NO iJITTA NEGORA TEN" and will be at One Up(akihabara). It is going to be an all Negora show featuring fan art as well as customs by Mark and myself. 

I will also be part of a group show at Lot F Gallery(Boston) in Decemeber, an all robot themed group show at FOE Gallery(Northampton) in Febuary, and the monthly Pandemonium shows at One Up(Akihabara). 
 Mecha Eyezon for this months Pandemonium Show at One Up

What other artistic mediums do you dabble in? 

Todd: In addition to making toys I also work on the occasional canvas painting and other types of sculpture, although as of late my primary focus has been toy making. 

What do you collect now a days? Could we see a shot of your collection? 

Todd: I have a pretty small collection of mostly Japanese sofubi. I like to collect pieces that inspire me or that I have some personal connection to.

How will toy creating, buying, and selling evolve over the next few years? 

Todd: I see more toys being produced and more artists getting involved in toy making. I think this will help get more people involved and hopefully help the industry grow and expand As far as evolution I think some production element, ie. digital sculpting, will slowly change but more over believe things will stay on a similar track. 

Who are your favorite artists? 

Todd: There are too many to list but I would have to say the top three artists that have inspired me to become the maker I am today are BlobPus, Bob Conge, Mark Nagata and Guumon. My friend Will Long, who builds amazing robot sculptures, is also someone who really inspires me and helps from time to time with my creative process. 

What advice do you have for up-and-coming toy artists? 

Todd: My best advice would be to work hard and not to let any boundaries hold back your creativity. 

What can the Kaijumonster readers expect from Mechavirus in 2012 and 2013? 

Todd: My main goal over the next is to shift from "Mechavirus" artist to "Mechavirus" brand. I also hope to be able to have some pieces put into production. 

Thank you Martijn for visiting my studio and this opportunity to talk to your readers.

Some more pictures after the Jump.

Custom Siccaluna Marine Kong
Custom GUUMON Daigomi