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Interview: Keisuke aka Sadie Pinkgalaxy, Creator of NinjAlien

NinjAlieN creator Keisuke also known as Sadie Pinkgalaxy (MySpace, Facebook) has released some of the most insane underground toys there are to find in this world. 

Besides Making toys Keisuke is the owner and president of Psychedelia toy store Osaka (Japan's #1 collectible vintage toy shop, also on Ebay) and Clothing comany TeknoPolice (a very modern, almost futuristic, clothing brand store from the whole of the world) where he also sells his own very cool clothing label ZIguridol.

If you thought that was it, you are wrong! Sadie Pinkgalaxy rocks the Guitar in the New Wave Genre with his full time band named Speecies (SPEECIES 1st ALBUM OUT NOW, more info here) and part-time band XA-VAT (More info, here). If you like JAPANESE ELECTRONICAL PUNK ROCK please check above links and do a Youtube search!

I've been a fan of Sadie's Toys, Music and clothing ever since I saw his first toy release at Wonder Festival 2012 (Winter) covered by Kaijukorner's Andy, here. Keisuke was extremely kind in agreeing to do this interview and answered my many questions.

Goedemiddag (Goodafternoon in Dutch) Sadie, would you mind telling us a little bit about yourself?

Sadie Pinkgalaxy: Just a guy who knows James the Virtual Cowboy and DADA-MOLI-YEAH!

Sadie is referring to the two different toys he made below, both where available in various colors. Most sold out and only a very limited few are still available at psychedelia toystore, here.

Kurukuru Mutant Boy aka James the Virtual Cowboy
More info on Kurukuru Mutant Boy aka James the Virtual Cowboy:
8 Figure Limited Edition/ 9 Parts / 34 Cm (with helmet)/ MADE IN ZIPANGU! 
Comes with Hell-o-hello cellular phone (2 parts Soft Vinyl)!!!

[Kurukuru Mutant BOY] Army of Justice TPO Soldier  (Virtual Cowboy James) 

This soldier has endured a life wandering the depths of space through his ability to match one of 3 faces to any time, place, or occasion. When or when he came to Earth remains a mystery, but 2 things are clear:  

1) He isn't a bad guy. 

2) He really hates the [KILL KILL DESTROYEAHS]

What will become of planet Earth now that the [KILL KILL DESTROYEAHS] have arrived?!?! Will the [Kurukuru Mutant BOY] army be able to put a stop to their mischievous wrath!?!?!?

More info on DADA-MOLI-YEAH:
15 Piece Limited Edition/ 8 Parts / 24 Cm / MADE IN ZIPANGU! 
Comes with cassette tape sleeve & NINJALIEN Top Secret Documents!!!

This alien monster just made his first terrestrial landing at the 2012 Summer Tokyo Wonder Festival!!! He represents the element water in the 7 member Distortion Warrior Squad of the vile [KILL KILL DESTROY-YEAH] brigade from outer space!  They have come in pursuit of their sworn enemies, The [KURU-KURU MUTANTBOY] Army of Justice, with whom they are engaged in an epic conflict in this Hardcore-Romantic-Science-Fiction-Spectacle-War!!!

His shoulder faucet handles turn freely and his belt has been replaced with a distortion guitar pedal! And don't forget the flowing bangs which bring a deranged element of cuteness to this scoundrel!!!

This line of figures was created using a marble molding technique, making each one absolutely unique!!

Could you talk about an average day in your life?

Sadie Pinkgalaxy: I arise with the sunset.    
When designing and sculpting toys, where do you draw your inspiration from?

Sadie Pinkgalaxy: Creative music/tv shows/movies/fashion & junk shop experiences all churn around inside of me and come out as these unknown lifeforms!

What does your studio look like?

Sadie Pinkgalaxy: We have a great view of a retro-futuristic space station

Do you have any formal arts training?

Sadie Pinkgalaxy: None whatsoever.

I  know you have some special projects currently in the works. Is there any possibility you can share anything with us today? Hints?

Sadie Pinkgalaxy: I need to take a dump.  I'll think about this one on the crapper.  

Below pictures where send to me after this giant crapper! Three one-off DADA-MOLI-YEAH figures.  My Jaw hit the floor, these look sooooo good!! They will be made available very soon. More info to when and where will be released ONLY through KaijuMonsteR!
NinjAlieN DADA-MOLI-YEAH one-offs
NinjAlieN DADA-MOLI-YEAH one-offs

What other artistic mediums do you dabble in?

Sadie Pinkgalaxy: Music, Fashion Design, Graphic Design, The Japanese Art of Ipponguso (long rope-like craps).  I just took one! 

A true Kaijumonster exclusive?

Sadie Pinkgalaxy: As you wish!

Yes! Expect a NinjAlieN X KaijuMonsteR Exclusive!!!

What do you collect now a days? Could we see a shot of your collection?

Sadie Pinkgalaxy: VHS tapes, analog audio systems, Sigue Sigue Sputnik articles, anything from the 1980s! 

Who is your favorite artists?

Sadie Pinkgalaxy: Fashion designer JC de CASTELBAJAC

What advice do you have for up-and-coming toy artists?
Sadie Pinkgalaxy: Don't expect to make any money!  Let's all lose money together!  

What can the Kaijumonster readers expect from NINJALIEN in 2012 and 2013?

Sadie Pinkgalaxy: I would like to venture into making some vehicles!  Maybe a cool scooter for James The Virtual Cowboy to attach to in a kind of cyborg like creation! 

More pictures after the jump!